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Many faculty in the College of Applied Health Sciences work together to make the Integrative Physiology Laboratory a success.

Ross Arena Heading link

Department Head, Professor

Dr. Arena’s research interests include studying the clinical value of exercise testing and training in patients diagnosed with cardiopulmonary disease/dysfunction.

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Tracy Baynard Heading link

Associate Professor, Director Integrative Physiology Laboratory

Dr. Baynard’s research focuses on interaction between obesity, cardiovascular function, and exercise, with interests on the effects of inflammation on these factors.

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Philip Clifford Heading link

Associate Dean, Professor

Dr. Clifford’s research focus has been to understand the control of blood flow to exercising muscle.

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Bo Fernhall Heading link

Dean, Professor

Dr. Fernhall’s research interests are in exercise physiology with a specialization in cardiovascular function and health throughout the lifespan with a special focus on racial and ethnic health disparities and cardiovascular health and function in individuals with disabilities.

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Craig Horswill Heading link

Clinical Associate Professor

Dr. Horswill’s research focuses on human performance relevant to athletics and the scientific basis for the strategies, adressing how training protocols, hydration status, and dietary factors affect high-intensity performance and the physiology underlying the performance.

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Deepika Laddu Heading link

Assistant Professor

Dr. Laddu’s research interests include examining concepts of the “obesity paradox,” —specifically in regards to regional fat patterning and redistribution during aging, and skeletal muscle quality and function as related to sarcopenia, cardio-metabolic diseases and bone health.

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Rob Motl Heading link


Prof. Motl’s research focuses on promotion of physical activity and exercise in persons living with neurological diseases and conditions.

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Shane Phillips Heading link


Dr.  Phillips’ research interests include nutrition, exercise and vascular function.

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