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Faculty Heading link

Many faculty in the College of Applied Health Sciences work together to make the Integrative Physiology Laboratory a success.

Ross Arena Heading link

Department Head, Professor

Dr. Arena’s research interests include studying the clinical value of exercise testing and training in patients diagnosed with cardiopulmonary disease/dysfunction.

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Philip Clifford Heading link

Associate Dean, Professor

Dr. Clifford’s research focus has been to understand the control of blood flow to exercising muscle.

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Craig Horswill Heading link

Clinical Associate Professor

Dr. Horswill’s research focuses on human performance relevant to athletics and the scientific basis for the strategies, adressing how training protocols, hydration status, and dietary factors affect high-intensity performance and the physiology underlying the performance.

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Deepika Laddu Heading link

Assistant Professor

Dr. Laddu’s research interests include examining concepts of the “obesity paradox,” —specifically in regards to regional fat patterning and redistribution during aging, and skeletal muscle quality and function as related to sarcopenia, cardio-metabolic diseases and bone health.

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Rob Motl Heading link


Prof. Motl’s research focuses on promotion of physical activity and exercise in persons living with neurological diseases and conditions.

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Cemal Ozemek Heading link

Director, Cardiac Rehabilitation, UIC
Director, Professional Doctor of CEP Program

Dr. Ozemek’s research interests include cardiac, vascular and cardiorespiratory adaptations to physical activity interventions in patients with chronic health conditions, in addition to investigating the efficacy of community-based exercise programs in improving aspects of health and wellness.

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Shane Phillips Heading link


Dr.  Phillips’ research interests include nutrition, exercise and vascular function.

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Affiliated Faculty Heading link

Many affiliated faculty in our community work together to make the Integrative Physiology Laboratory a success.

Enrico Benedetti MD, FACS Heading link

Warren H. Cole Chair in Surgery, Professor and Head of the Department of Surgery and Medical Director, Abdominal Organ Transplant Program at the University of Illinois Chicago.

Dr. Benedetti is currently the Head of Department of Surgery and the Director of the Abdominal Organ Transplant Program. Benedetti has published more than 300 articles and more than 30 book chapters and is the editor of the seminal book, “Living Donor Organ Transplantation.”

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James P. Lash, MD Heading link

Dr. James Lash conducts research on the epidemiology of chronic kidney disease (CKD) with a strong focus on chronic kidney disease progression and cardiovascular disease (CVD) in U.S. racial/ethnic minority populations.

Dr. Lash serves as the UIC Clinical Center PI for the NIDDK-sponsored Chronic Renal Insufficiency Cohort (CRIC) Study, which aims to define risk factors for progression of CKD and CVD in patients with CKD.

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Ken Wilund Heading link

Professor in the Department of Kinesiology and Community Health at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Founder and a current Co-Chair of the Global Renal Exercise (GREX) Network.

Dr. Wilund’s research is focused on examining the effects of exercise training and nutritional factors on cardiovascular health and muscle wasting in in patients with kidney failure. He has a particular interest in the role that dietary sodium has on both chronic fluid overload, as well as muscle sodium accumulation.

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Alexander (A.J) Rosenberg Heading link

Assistant Professor in the Department of Physiology at Midwestern University and Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Kinesiology and Nutrition at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Research Interests: Minimizing health disparities in aging populations by conducting human research on cerebrovascular and cardiovascular physiology, and cognitive health. I am interested in how to reduce the risk of cerebrovascular and cardiovascular events through exercise and lifestyle modifications, antioxidant supplementation, and environmental interventions.

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Staff Heading link

Many people make up the staff which help make the Integrative Physiology Laboratory a success.